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Topic: OT: New Studio Monitors

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    OT: New Studio Monitors

    Hello All,

    Last February, I lost my home studio (and 30+ years of work) to a fire. After a long and sometimes frustrating adventure, we are finally back in our home, and the insurance is beginning to pay for replacement items.

    So, I'm here to ask about the current state of studio monitors (of the audio kind). I have about $1100 to spend on monitors/amp combination and am looking for recommendations - either passive speakers and amp or active speakers. What do you all love?

    For reference, I had a set of JBL 4480's and a Crown D-60 amp. While quite old, I was comfortable with the sound of them (read - I knew how they translated), and I didn't find them as harsh or fatiguing as some of the newer low cost alternatives that I am hearing in the local Gtwang Centers (like you can really hear anything there!)

    Sorry to be so long winded - let me know what you think!


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    Re: OT: New Studio Monitors

    Well, first of all, I am really sorry for the destruction of your work. That probably has been terrible for you.

    Anyways, this can teach you a lesson. always have backup copies of everything in your deposit box in the bank.(music scores, and all your work)

    When it comes to studio monitors, you are looking for a flat frequency response. Also your room set up and the acoustic properties can greatly affect your desired sound. Not only if recording, during playback too.

    Whel since you are a JBL lover, i have a special treat for you. I worked on these monitors, when they sen it to my college for testing. They are the smartest monitors ever. JLB LSR4328P i think.
    the beauty of them is that they set up your room. In stead of going with aurelix foams, bass traps and different pointless positioning, you just set the monitors up and they will tell you where to put them for the best sound that your room can afford. Even though they might be a litle out of your price range, i beliave that they can save you money in the future.

    also the great thing about them, is that if you buy them online like from here http://www.zzounds.com/item--JBLLSR4328P you can tets them for 30 days and if they do not sound the way you want them to sound(highly doubt that) then you can return them.


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    Re: OT: New Studio Monitors

    I'm sorry for the disaster.

    My preferred monitors in that price range are the Adam's. I own the Mackie (HR-824) that are nice, but the Adam are sweeter, wider, and with a more true imaging and reproduction of middle frequencies (acoustic insturments, voices).


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    Re: OT: New Studio Monitors

    I too am sorry to hear about the loss of your home. As for monitors, I use Event 20/20 BAS (bi-amplified system) monitors and I have enjoyed them very much. The only con in them is that I believe the bass is not as true as it should be when at "0" on the low eq. The sound is very flat and uncolored which is a big plus. For the bass all I do is bump it up a bit and listen to music that is bass heavy until I believe they are telling the truth (speak I tell you... or else!)

    Here is a link to the review and the specs:
    http://www.event1.com/Products/20_20/20_20bas.html I'm not sure if they sell them anymore but you cold google it. I paid about $900 for the pair. Hope this helps!


    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: OT: New Studio Monitors

    A fire in one's home is a terrible nightmare, and it is compounded terribly by the presence of a home studio! Geez, I don't even want to imagine it! So sorry to hear about yours!!

    Studio Monitors - a very deep topic!

    A few questions first:
    1) in your new studio will you be using the monitors in a free standing or in-the-wall mount configuration. It makes a big difference.

    2) how loud do you normally monitor your work?

    3) do you do tracking, mixing, mastering, or some combination of the above?

    4) how large is the room, and how is it treated acoustically?

    And a comment or two:

    Familiarity is probably the single most important factor in choosing monitors. Flat response is not essential, even driver alignment is not essential, nor is low distortion.

    No, the ability to listen, and know how whatever you are hearing will translate to other environments is the thing tat really matters.

    All of these other things (frequency response, low distortion, etc) make it somewhat easier to learn how a monitor behaves. Another big issue is transparency, that is, the monitors do not hide potential problems.

    But, given the time you spent with your old monitors I'd be seriously tempted to find another pair. What the heck, you know them! I still monitor on a pair of Urei 809's, and a pair of Yorkville YSM-1's. I've had the Urei monitors for a long time, and I know what they are telling me.

    If I were going to "upgrade", I'd replace my nearfield monitors with a pair of Haffler TRM-8's, which are also out of production, and can be found on eBay in that price range.

    I've listened to a lot of monitors, and I've been tempted from time to time, but learning what a new set of monitors is doing is not high on my todo list... at least for now.

    When I eventually build my new room I am going to take a shot at building my own main monitors. I like the 809's a lot, but they are getting old.

    Another thought - If I did not go for powered monitors I would upgrade the amplifer, because I think it was a wee bit underpowered, even for the nominal 85 dBa-SPL levels that have become so fashionable<G>!

    Two cents anyway, if you have answers to any of the questions above post them here and I can tell you what I've heard in similar spaces that seemed to work well for their owners.

    Take care, and have fun rebuilding... or as much fun as a task like that can be. I'd expect it is a real double-edged sword!


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    Re: OT: New Studio Monitors

    check out the dynaudio monitors,
    adam's and events, and also maybe the blue sky setup.

    i am very glad things are starting to come around again, what a horrible misfortune, may your newer studio be bigger and better then ever!!!!!

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    Re: OT: New Studio Monitors

    People have been saying really good things about the Dynaudio BM6A's and BM5a's.



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