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Topic: You favorite "What was that?" library

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    You favorite "What was that?" library

    Hello all,

    As i've been listening to more and more game soundtracks (Jesper Kyd, Tom Salta) i've discovered a lot of new sounds. The sounds in question are difficult to describe but they certainly do not always sound musical, or even like processed intruments. They're usually used sparingly and add a dimension of intrigue.

    I'd like some recommendations of libraries that contain useful musical and non musical sounds that can be used to enhance a track.

    I have a feeling Distorted Reality will be mentioned. Seeing as how people seem it's overused i'd like some more options as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: You favorite "What was that?" library

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere is definitely worth checking out. There's also Sample Logic's brand spanking new AIR which is sonically like Atmosphere meets Storm Drum meets RMX. I got it a few days ago and it's pretty damn hot.


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    Re: You favorite "What was that?" library

    atmosphere is awesome. as far as crazy weird sounds, I like absynth 3 as well, very very unique sounding pallette. Virus is also something i reach for.

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    Re: You favorite "What was that?" library

    Westgate's woodwind samples include microphonics. Very nice if you want a truly organic synth/noise sound. It's not 1/100th as deep as an Atmosphere or soft synth, but a nice add-on nonetheless.

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    Re: You favorite "What was that?" library

    Hmmm.... seems im on the right track as i've got everything mentioned except AIR.

    I'll have to do some more exploring.

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