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Topic: SPDIF---> Adat ?

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    SPDIF---> Adat ?


    i want know if is possible to connect some sockets out SPDIF towards ADAT input on my 828 MKII.
    existing a interface or that ?

    stereo out SPDIF (1) ------>
    stereo out SPDIF (2) ------> INTERFACE ======> in ADAT 8 chanels (motu 828 MKII)
    stereo out SPIDF (3) ------>
    stereo out SPDIF (4) ------>

    (for example, for connect 4 PC without use my analogiques on my MOTU card on the Mac)

    thank for your answers

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    Re: SPDIF---> Adat ?

    Hello Laurent,

    You need an AES to ADAT converter to do this.
    And it must support sp/dif.


    gr Michiel

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    Re: SPDIF---> Adat ?

    Thank for your answer,

    may be ai3 alesis is may be beter for me, my interet is especially can use my 8 channels ADAT of my sound card

    thank again

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