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Topic: Looking for new MIDI keyboard

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    Looking for new MIDI keyboard

    I'm looking for a new MIDI keyboard. Mine is giving off some latency, but even if that has nothing to do with the keyboard itself, I still need something with both pitch-bend and a mod wheel.

    What do you all suggest? Preferably anything that can be found online (which...is pretty much anything). I'd love 88-key, and weighted if possible, but what do you suggest? As for that, what do you currently use?


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    Re: Looking for new MIDI keyboard

    I've got a Kawai MP9500 in my little home studio and a CME UF8 in the work studio. I've got to say that the latter was cheap and is really very good for the price. Its not in the Kawai's league as a "piano" keyboard but it still feels quite nice under the fingers and has the benefit of aftertouch and a breath controller facility as well. I'd recommend either anytime.
    Trev Parks

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    Re: Looking for new MIDI keyboard

    The 1/2 second latency issue you spoke of in your other thread, most likely is due to a driver issue or a computer that is really old.

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    Re: Looking for new MIDI keyboard

    Studiologic keyboards are fanastic. I have an older version, SL-1100, 88 keys, fully weighted. I love it. Very professional. Reasonably priced. It is manufactured by fatar keyboards and they have a great reputation for weighted key action.

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