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Topic: slurs in JABB vs GPO

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    slurs in JABB vs GPO


    I was just working with a file I had written in Finale and saved as a MIDI file, checking off the "optimize for GPO" box. I opened the MIDI file in my Cakewalk sequencer and played a few parts back using GPO, and all the slurs were fine, as usual (this has never been a problem). These instruments are set for >1 polyphony.

    But then I wanted to play a few of the parts back using a few of the JABB patches for saxes. None of the parts will slur; they all tongue every note, even though the polyphony settings are all also >1 (for ex.: 9 for t sax). The Kontakt options for MIDI CC are set the same in both my GPO and JABB players, so I wouldn't think that's the problem. As a test, I reassigned those parts to GPO instruments and they slurred perfectly, then I switched them back to JABB and no more slurs. I looked in detail at how the notes were saved when Finale created the MIDI file, and the slur notes do overlap slightly, as they are supposed to, to interpret the slur data.

    I realize the Finale option says "optimize for GPO" (not "JABB"). Is there a difference in how the 2 programs work? I had thought it would all work the same.

    Has anyone else come across this? Is there a way to write a file in Finale and save it so the same settings all apply to JABB the same way they apply to GPO? If not, could an update be created for JABB that would take care of this?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: slurs in JABB vs GPO

    I don't use Finale, so I don't know what this optimize option does.

    However, I can tell you that the legato function only works when the polyphony is set to exactly 1. This is true for both GPO and JABB. You may hear the illusion of legato with more voices, but the legato layer of the samples will not be used. Also, check the exported MIDI data to ensure that the controller 64 messages are properly placed.
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    Re: slurs in JABB vs GPO

    JABB horns are *not* programmed the same way as GPO. In order to allow the addition of the layers of features like air flow noise and keyclicks the legato mode had to be handled in a completely different way. Raising the polyphony in GPO would disable the mono mode performance of the instruments (it's disabled by default in the Notation version,) but raising the polyphony in the JABB has no effect - mono mode in not defeatable.

    But there is a solution: Both the standard and notation folders contain a "Lite" folder that is programmed the same as GPO - necessarily minus some of the fancier features. Raising the polyphony will defeat the mono mode. Finale's "Optimize for GPO" should apply nicely. As a bonus, the lite instruments take things a little easier on the CPU too. I tried substituting lite for standard instruments while creating some of the demos, as an experiment, and the results were compromised very little. Give them a try. When the library moves to the K2 player notation improvements will be incorporated into the programming.


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    Re: slurs in JABB vs GPO

    Jamie is correct, by the way, about the legato function only working as designed when the polyphony is set to "1" for GPO or the lite JABB instruments for sequencing. Standard JABB instruments, as I said, are locked into mono mode so changing the polyphony setting from the default accomplishes nothing. Finale is different. Finale needs a higher polyphony setting to work in the Finale system. They do it differently to make my life difficult! No, no, no; I'm kidding - I think.


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    Re: slurs in JABB vs GPO


    Thanks for your suggestion about the "lite" fiolder. I would like to try it and see that it works.

    The only problem is: I don't see the "lite" folder anywhere within JABB. I have the 8 instrumental families, a notation folder, and a multi folder. The notation folder and multi folder don't contain a subfolder for lite. I do see a few individual lite instruments, but none of them are woodwinds or trumpets, which I need the most.

    If you can direct me to find the "lite" folder, that should take care of everything and I will be out of your hair and independent again!


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    Re: slurs in JABB vs GPO


    Never mind- no sooner had I posted this than I went looking further on then forums and saw the JABB update (on the support page). I see that it seems to address the "lite" folder issue, so I will deal with that tomorrow.

    I think I have had my fill for today, but tomorrow I will download the update and hopefully that will do it!

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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    Re: slurs in JABB vs GPO

    I was about to send you off to the update - glad you found it.


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    Re: slurs in JABB vs GPO

    I just realized that I needed to clarify one distinction about the polyphony assignments in GPO: Setting the polyphony to "1" is needed to get the legato mode to work as designed for wind instruments. String instruments use a higher setting because they are not monophonic instruments (i.e. they can play double stops, etc.) Legato works fine with higher polyphony settings for strings.


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