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Topic: O Lean Thy Lovely Cheek on Thine.

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    O Lean Thy Lovely Cheek on Mine.

    Back in 1974, I set this poem by German Poet Heinrich Heine (1789-1856) for Soprano and Piano. A short time later, I orchestrated the work. I keep faithful to the original scoring except for the last note where I change the voicing in the t bones and 2nd horn. Ok ok, I also carried over a held note in the woodwinds over the bar instead of cutting it off at the end of the measure.


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    Re: O Lean Thy Lovely Cheek on Thine.


    I am unfamiliar with the poet or poem that you have set this work to. It is obviously very dramatic as per the mood of the composition. What sound library did you use to produce the final output?



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    Re: O Lean Thy Lovely Cheek on Thine.

    I used GPO except for the flutes where I used VSL that came with Kontact 2. For the stopped horns, I took the GPO muted horns, added distortion and increased the high frequecies.

    Here is the poem:

    Oh lean thy lovely cheek on mine,
    That our tears together may mingle!
    Against my bosom press thou thine,
    That their flames may no longer be single!.

    And when with the flame is mingled at last,
    The stream of our tears all burning!
    And mine arm is lovingly round thee cast,
    I'll die of my love's sweet yearning!

    It is difficult to put the words to the music in the orchestrated version. I don't have a recording of the voice/piano version.

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    Re: O Lean Thy Lovely Cheek on Thine.

    A fine effort on this, Babe. I enjoyed listening.


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