Hej guys!

OK, I dont understand computers and music at all: the difference between samples and loops and VST instruments and kontakt and so on....however IU have been happily using GPO using the (then) included Overture SE.

I want to expand, and have been thinking of upgrading Overture, as being a chepaer soloution to sibelius and finale - but I also want to have it play guitar.

So question: can I write notation in Overture and have it play back guitar by using something like Steinberg's virtual Guitarist or Musiclabs Real GUitar2L?

which is better - I would like lead guitar (steinberg advertises itself as 'rhythm' guitars) - and electric - which Real lacks...any ideas?

btw, for some reason, topics I post - or am interested in, like the4 choir one - disappear from my browser (see I told you i dont understand computers). So if someone answered my last post about Fux/Mann's score notation, I never got the answer, but thanks anyway! and for that reason, could anyone who can replay e-mail me the answer either via this site or at my hotmail address: tikruu

thanks in advance....