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Topic: Reason Drums 2.o??

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    Reason Drums 2.o??

    Has any one tried Reason Drums 2.0. I already have stylus but am looking for some less processed sounds that I can program myself. I also already have reason 3 which would make this purchase a bit less expensive than something like DFH or even Easy Drummer. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Tim.

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    Re: Reason Drums 2.o??

    I have RDK 1 & 2, ok for the money but nowhere near as good as DFH, I have DFH C&V.which is awesome !

    RDK is not in the same league.


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    Re: Reason Drums 2.o??

    Thanks Peter for the quick reply. I will look into DFH a bit more. Tim

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