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Topic: Vibraphone KS - no sustain pedal

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    Vibraphone KS - no sustain pedal

    Yes, I know there was a thread on this last November, but it doesn't seem to me to have answered the question - at least not for my situation. I'm using GPO in Digital Performer 4.61, and I have the current version, (with seemingly varying numbers of 0s before the 3). For what it's worth, my Mac is a dual 2.3 GHz G5 running OS X 10.4.7.

    I cannot, whatever I try, make Vibraphone KS sustain. The closest I can get is by setting length to 100%, but of course that's not a proper sustain, just a slow decay and generally pretty unsatisfactory.

    I'm not sure whether the notes should sustain if you hold the key down, like a piano - possibly not, because I know that's not how a vibraphone actually works (though it would be a nice concession to using this sound with a keyboard). But the main thing is that I can't make the sustain pedal work at all. No matter what I do I just get a short 'dink' from every note.

    I've looked at the text file in the library - no clues there. According to GPOUpdate.pdf, "Sustain pedal=standard sustain"... but not for me it doesn't.

    The thread last November mentions both a '9. Notation' folder and a 'Pedal Vibraphone' sound, neither of which I have, and in fact I don't have any other Vibraphone options at all. I've tried Dry, Wet Audition and X-Custom - in each case the only Vibraphone is Vibraphone KS - and they all suffer the same problem.

    And I know my pedal's OK because it works with, eg, the piano. What can I do?

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    Re: Vibraphone KS - no sustain pedal

    I've just found the post about how to download the "9.Notation" folder, which I've done - and lo and behold! The vibraphone in there behaves as it should.

    But the fact remains that the other vibraphones definitely don't - at least, not for me!

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    Re: Vibraphone KS - no sustain pedal

    The Notation folder vibes (as with all notation instruments) use pedal mode 1. The standard vibes, on the other hand, use pedal mode 2, as do most strings and wind instruments. For this instrument, go to the player's Options menu and pick the second choice in the pedal mode list, "no sustain/sustenuto operation, but MIDI controller." That allows the sustain pedal to act as a switch (not as a standard sustain pedal.) That should fix your problem with the vibes; or you could use the notation version in mode 1, as you discovered.


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    Re: Vibraphone KS - no sustain pedal

    Thanks, Tom - now I know! But as I don't particularly need the KS facility on the vibes for this project, now I've found a solution I'll stick with it - but I'll bear your answer in mind for other projects.

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