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Topic: Korg-Pad Kontrol / Kontrol 49 advice

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    Korg-Pad Kontrol / Kontrol 49 advice

    Hi all-

    I'm considering a pad style controller to hopefully aid in better drum programming, I've seen this Korg Pad Kontrol, but it would also be nice to have regular keys on the same controller, which would be the Kontrol 49, I think?

    in pictures the 49 looks like the same thing only with the addition of a keyboard,.. hard to tell from pictures, if this the case ?

    any impressions from users if these things really do make it easier to program more realistic drum grooves than a standard keyboard.

    many thanks


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    Re: Korg-Pad Kontrol / Kontrol 49 advice

    I bought a Kontrol49 and eventually returned it. It just did not seem to be supported by anything I owned or bought.


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    Re: Korg-Pad Kontrol / Kontrol 49 advice

    Just got Korg Pad Kontrol. I Love it ! using it with Logic Pro 7. Nice user interface, Roll and Flam functions and controller pad are great features, plus software editor/librarian.

    I used to have a M-Audio Trigger Finger, ended up returning it, did not like the user interface, or pad feel.

    I'm having lots of fun with the Pad Kontrol.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Korg-Pad Kontrol / Kontrol 49 advice

    I did get the PK, it's great !

    responds much better than a keyboard for drums.



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    Re: Korg-Pad Kontrol / Kontrol 49 advice

    Glad your happy.

    It's a great unit.

    Have Fun Drumming !

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    Re: Korg-Pad Kontrol / Kontrol 49 advice

    Also love my Padkontrol!

    A well build and cute device (my wife's favorite of all the studio gear).
    You really notice some creative thinking went on at Korg with this one.

    Actually my second Korg purchase, after buying my first synth (Wavestation) in '91. Works fine in Windows XP64, and its MIDI I/O are a blessing since certain (dare I say German?) manufacturers still refuse to update their drivers.
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