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Topic: Mod Wheel solutions?

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    Mod Wheel solutions?

    Hello, I am using a Roland 88key RD-100 with no mod wheel or pitch bend wheel/stick. I have read the mod wheel solutions in the GPO tutorials/forums but have a question. Can a 2nd midi controller keyboard be inserted in the midi chain prior to the computer's input and used for this purpose? I have a small Oxygen 8 keyboard with both wheels on it. Can it be chained somehow with my non-wheeled keyboard to provide mod/pitch bend? I am using Sonar. All suggestions appreciated. - Reber Clark

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    Re: Mod Wheel solutions?

    The short answer is yes and you have a few options.

    Some keyboards do retransmit their midi-in signal to the midi-out (I have no idea if yours does - but just plug the midi-out of your Oxygen into your midi-in of your Roland, play the Oxygen and see if your Sonar midi activity box lights up to find out).

    Assuming you have only one midi-input into your computer, then using a midi thru socket won't help.

    An alternative is to get an additional midi interface - either another PCI soundcard, or an external USB one. Then your Roland would go in on one, the Oxygen on another, and you set Sonar to listen to 'omni' in its input and both will be able to be recorded at the same time.

    An addition to that alternative (which is what I have done) is also to get dedicated controllers - I got an Evolution UC-16 and a Behringer FCB1010 as I was reluctant to give up my Roland weighted keyboard (which had no expression controls).

    A final alternative used to be available which is a midi merge box. I think a company called Philip Rees used to make them. I remember thinking they were expensive compared to putting in a cheap soundcard a while back though.

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    Re: Mod Wheel solutions?


    Thanks for the rapid reply! I will try your suggestions and post my solution. I am waiting on a new system to arrive so the post will be after September 5 or so. Thanks so much for such excellent info. All the best, Reber Clark

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    Re: Mod Wheel solutions?


    Well I happened to have a M-Audio USB Midisport 2x2 interface and hooked the Oxygen 8 up to the "In-B" midi input.

    With my old set up (Roland RD-100 no wheels - input on the Midisport's "In A") the mod-wheel and bend wheels on the Oxygen 8 fitted seamlessly into the system!

    It works great, thanks for the excellent advice.

    - Reber Clark

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