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Topic: Newbie with GPO - Please Comment

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    Smile Newbie with GPO - Please Comment

    So Im at the in-laws' for a week, with nothing but my laptop to amuse myself. It has GPO installed, which I'm only just beginning to learn.

    I just wrote this opening for a piece.


    Please listen and let me know what you think. I'm not sure what the mix will be like, since so far I've only heard it through Walkman headphones, so there was probably some proximity effect and I've probably mixed it bass-light. Also it's quite robotic, since I had to enter the whole thing into Cubasis using my mouse pad. But otherwise I quite like it.

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    Re: Newbie with GPO - Please Comment

    I like it very much

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    Re: Newbie with GPO - Please Comment

    Very nice work on this! Excellent use of GPO, Pingu!

    Love it!

    May I suggest also posting this in the Garritan Listening Room,
    where it will get more attention.

    My best,


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    Re: Newbie with GPO - Please Comment

    Thanks David, I'll do that.

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