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Topic: Demo Reel help

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    Demo Reel help

    Hi Guys.... it's been a while since I posted a cue...

    I need to set up a demo reel...I got a few things to choose from...some underscore, credits, demo music, just for fun, etc...

    I did a little selection...My guess is that I should focus on "grab your attention" at the beggining then maybe add more personal things...what do u think?

    Would u change anything?

    Thanks for listening,




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    Re: Demo Reel help

    i think you have a very nice collection of music there, in terms of composition and orchestration/arrangements of the pieces, the transitions are all very smooth, overall a solid A+. what i find to be missing a bit is some more "in your face" stuff, action-cuts that just jump out at you and grab the attention of the listener immediately, maybe even with some added electronica instruments. you know, the "hip" flavour of the month :-). if i had to decide on that reel, i would put at least some of that in there.

    apart from that, i'd again like to say: pretty impressive music. i'd be surprised if this doesn't land you a gig or two.

    kind regards,


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    Re: Demo Reel help

    Thanks a lot, it' true that there's a bit too much of symphonic stuff, but most things I've done are stage plays and underscore music, so it's not that much "slap on your face" than what is featured here, which features credits, demos and some music for fun...I have more modern-electronic stuff and even some dance-ambient music... I tried to put them but it was a bit too much of a change IMO...

    I agree I should put new-electronic things and sound design, though I still need to learn a bit more... from all the passion that is music, I somehow feel safer with symphonic, that's what I love doing...for now...until I'll learn how to do properly avant-garde chamber music :P

    Thks for your words,


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    Re: Demo Reel help

    I agree with the previous poster: There is much orchestra stuff but nothing else in the reel. More variety would be refreshing.

    On another note: What sample libraries did you use? Especially the woodwind runs in the beggining sound verycrisp and sharp.
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    Re: Demo Reel help

    Here's what I have found works best.

    No demo reel.

    That is, no SINGLE demo reel.

    Like many of us up here, I do work in various styles. From rock to symphonic. I've had reels that had full sing versions of Blockbuster Video national spots on them, going into PBS documentary orchestral scores, going into jazz radio promo spots, etc, you know...all over the map. I thought it showed a lot of versatility.

    But in reality, the clients that want to hear your post scores or orchestral stuff could care less about your pop vocal things, and vice verse.

    So now I make client specific reels. It's really easy. You keep your best works, no matter what genre, in some happy little place on your drive.

    Client calls, would like to hear anything you have done in the (fill in the blank) genre.

    Grab cues in that genre, assemble in no time with a few cross fades, burn CD. You can even include an "all arounder" demo reel with it, explaining that for future ref, you have a generic reel you've included as well.

    Tom H
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