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Topic: Newbie attempt

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    Smile Newbie attempt

    My first attempt with GPO. It's not finished yet, but I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts in order to improve my work as it goes along.

    I already know that it's overly quantised, since I'm entering everything using the mouse pad on a laptop, but if you have any other criticisms please feel free...


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    Re: Newbie attempt

    Welcome aboard, Pingu!

    You may be a newcomer to GPO, but you sure are getting
    a great performance out of it.

    A little more work on nuances, dynamics, balance sure -- but
    this is solid.

    Love the writing in this... you've got an extraordinarily sure
    hand with rhythmic drive, contrast, and... knowing just when
    to pull your cards back. Astute orchestration, as well;
    it's easy to go over the top with writing like this -- where
    keeping it fairly lean has far more clarity and impact.

    Looking forward to hearing this completed, Pingu!


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    Re: Newbie attempt

    very nice work!

    Kind of Harry Potterish. A cross between dark and playful.

    A great utilization of the full range of orchestration in creating so many unique voices.

    Nicely done!


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