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Topic: EMU 1212m

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    EMU 1212m

    Does anyone have experience with this card? I can't get my S/PDIF input to work (there is no level on the meter). My device manager insists that the drivers are not installed.

    Thanks all!

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    Re: EMU 1212m

    I use this soundcard and haven't had any trouble. My suggestion would be to go to http://www.emu.com/support/files/dow...761&Platform=1 and download all of the updates and drivers. Hopefully, this will solve your problem. Another thing that I forgot to say, is that you need to make sure that all of the sample rates match, so if you're using a 16 bit library, make sure that the 1212 is set to 16 bit etc. I'll check back later to see if any of this helps. I'll try to help if I can.
    Take care,

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    Re: EMU 1212m

    i use it also. I had my modded by Iron Dreamer over at Hi-Fi Phones. It works well and has all drivers installed and func-tioning properly in the control panel.

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