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Topic: Anyone using True Strike Starter Edition?

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    Anyone using True Strike Starter Edition?

    I recently bought this percussion library and was wondering what other users think in terms of the Starter Editon's one mic position. I find many of the samples sound too distant. I keep wishing there was less room ambience, and the sound was more present.

    What do other people think? How have you found these samples work in a mix? I know the TrueStrike Pro Edition has three different mic positions, but I thought the one mic position in the Starter Edition would sound more present or closer.

    Maybe this is not really an issue. That's why I was interested in hearing from other people who are using the Starter Edition.



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    Re: Anyone using True Strike Starter Edition?


    got the Starter some weeks ago and I've done just one orchestral project with it (using a Gran Casa and a Timpani preset). Well, I think you're right, I wished it would sound a bit more closer too. But I have to mention that I'm not a mixing guy, I just put a reverb on the whole project ("just for monitoring during writing" as someone else said) and let it go.

    As you've said, it's not an issue. But I hope the kind ProjectSAM guys are having the upgrade path from Starter to full if it is an issue some day...



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    Re: Anyone using True Strike Starter Edition?


    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I guess I'll need to check into
    what the cost is to upgrade to the Pro edition.


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