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Topic: Away in a Manger

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    Away in a Manger

    So can you tell I'm working on my Xmas album? Here is my arrangement of Away in a Manger. I'm not quite finished because I want to add a little more percussion on the end. This recording has some popping, so I apologize. I am having trouble setting my buffer size correctly. I'm concerned it sounds a little stiff and doesn't flow as well as I would like. Any comments are appreciated.

    As always, thank you for listening.


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    Re: Away in a Manger

    The arrangement is very solid, Paula, and beautifully done.

    I think what you're talking about ("stiff") is simply a matter
    of more attention to performance aspects... a little more
    variation and flexibility in tempi, a bit more finessing of
    dynamics, and so on.

    Looking forward to the album!


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    Re: Away in a Manger

    I love your fresh approach to an old tune. All new and fun - sounds like simple gifts. This is a nice and listenable work. I agree with etlux, a little more flexible tempo and dynmaics would loosen this baby up nicely.

    Good piece, whenwill the album be ready?


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    Re: Away in a Manger

    Thank you for listening. I think maybe DPDan's latest tips can help me resolve some of the stiffness. I will work on it and repost.

    Thanks for your comments guys!


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    Re: Away in a Manger


    Very nice arrangement of this classic Christmas tune! You are well on your way with it and some adjustments here and there are you groom the piece will make it all the better.



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    Re: Away in a Manger

    Great arrangement, what wonderful woodwinds! I love the way you made them sound, very nice balance among them. I love the delightful change in rhythm around 2:40. There was an excellent variety of orchestration, but it remained bright and elegant. Great work, I of course look forward to the album as well!
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