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Topic: MOL question

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    MOL question

    Hi everyone !

    I am using Giga 3.12 on Windows XP SP1 and communicating with Logic 7.1 on Mac os x 10.3.9 via MOL CP 2

    I am about to move to Tiger and was wondering if MOL cP 2 is compatible with that version of OS.

    If not , this means I would have to upgrade my Giga computer with MOL CP ver 3 BUT I am not sure if it's SP1 compliant.

    My GIga rig works well and I certainly don't want to mess up with it by installing SP2

    any thoughts??

    thanks for your time


    PS : I tried posting this at MusicLab's forum without any response

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    Re: MOL question


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    Re: MOL question

    I use MOL cp 2 with Tiger and have had no problems.

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    Re: MOL question

    that's great to hear Mike



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    Re: MOL question

    Quote Originally Posted by Yves
    My GIga rig works well and I certainly don't want to mess up with it by installing SP2
    I am still clinging to SP1 so I hear ya. I am still running Mol CP 2 and it ain't broke so I am reluctant to fix it just yet until I hear more about it (MOL 3).

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    Hey Brian ,

    yeah , there's no way i'm going with SP2 . If you ever have some infos on MOL cp 3 on SP 1 , please post your report.
    I am still trying to get hold of the guys at Musiclab without any success..

    On my end though , if MOL Cp 2 works with Tiger , I'm good to go.

    good job on the LD1 and LD 2 multis for Kontakt by the way..!

    best regards


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    Re: MOL question

    hey Mike !

    what version of Tiger are you running with MOL 2 ??

    there's some reports over at the MusicLab forums that MOL CP 2 doesn't work with os X 10 . 4. 7 which is the latest version of Tiger.

    best regards


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