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Topic: Oriental Music Libraries

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    Oriental Music Libraries


    I'm going to be writing a Japanese-themed score in a couple months. It's a rather new genre, so I'm doing some research into the facets of Japanese music... anyway, I'm planning to write some sort of blended score that incorporates both "worlds" of music. The play takes place in 1955, when the two cultures were really starting to mingle, anyway. I'll be using GPO for the Western instruments and JABB for some percussion, but I think I need some authentic instruments in there. So the question is... any good Japanese (or Asian in general) music libraries around? I suppose the koto is a required instrument, but otherwise my needs are pretty vague. Quality, not quantity. Something that would mesh well with GPO. As for the price, I'm not looking for ridiculously expensive stuff; maybe under $250?

    Thanks in advance =)

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    Re: Oriental Music Libraries

    I also sometimes sought the libraries of Japanese instruments, but rarely found them.

    These are unfortunately phrase samples not libraries,
    http://kaerucafe.co.jp/scb/shop/shop.cgi?No=82 (a Japanese page only)

    Koto is the instrument belongs to General MIDI, so you can find it in NI Bandstand or QUANTUM LEAP Colossus for example. But, koto has various tone timbres like guitar (e.g choking, hammering, pulling etc.), so you may not be satisfied by them.
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    Re: Oriental Music Libraries

    Kong Audio has some Chinese instruments...

    Personally, I have been looking for authentic koto and shamisen samples. Haven't found any yet. All of the general MIDI "koto" implementations I've heard are not very good.

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    Re: Oriental Music Libraries

    VST is indeed what I'm looking for (should have mentioned that at first, actually). I'm checking out all these examples, will make a purchase by Christmas, and of course I want to share the score in the demos forum eventually... Thanks all!

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    Re: Oriental Music Libraries

    EthnoWorld has some decent Japanese instruments, both phrase and multisample. Not cheap for EW III, but you can find the original or EW II (v1 is Giga and probably Akai or audio, EW II is VSTi.)
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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