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Topic: Song from a new member

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    Song from a new member

    Hello, I've been composing keyboard stuff since I was a kid. I got GPO about two years ago and was my first time using any high end sound samples, needless to say it jumpstarted my excitement and now I work exclusively with such sound libraries.


    This was my first song using GPO, made on my 21st B-day (the night I got GPO). I really loved the violins so this song is heavy with the strings. I use Cubase to do the sequencing. This song is not that great but I have got my bearings since then. I love film scores, so all my work is more along those lines.

    I never actually learned to play piano/keyboard but picked it up on my own, and I don't know how to read or write music, in fact I don't even know the notes on my keyboard lol I just love playing and creating stuff. So please don't be too harsh

    Never submitted any of my stuff before anywhere and not many people hear what I make, but I was wanted I would know what other musicians thought. Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Song from a new member

    Well, I'm impressed. You have a true talent for the dramatic. Great use of the violin and superb rendering. Would like to hear more of your music. And by the way, welcome to the forum. You will meet many friendly and musically gifted people.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Song from a new member

    if you hadn't said so yourself, i wouldn't have gotten the slightest idea that this was a piece by someone without any classical training and background in music theory whatsoever. even people with much more theoretical knowlege would not need to be ashamed to present this to people. great athmosphere, nice orchestration... i'm impressed. honestly.

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    Re: Song from a new member

    Nice Sam. The only problem is it's too short! I wanted more. Keep them coming.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Earl Green

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    Smile Re: Song from a new member

    Wow, thanks everyone! I don't normally post anything anywhere but this seemed like a good community for amateur musicians and I am honored to be here. Music isn't actually my primary passion though, as I am an aspiring filmmaker but right now I develop video games and 2d/3d art.


    This is my company website (which I created, and would be happy to assist anyone who needs any web design help btw). We are just amateur game developers but we are really working toward building a film studio, of which I will be happy to start directing and scoring movies hehe.

    The music page of our site consists of mostly my music divided into categories, from more gamey music to orchestral stuff. Most of the tracks are streaming only at this time, as I plan to have super high quality versions available for download for like a dollar to help cover the cost of our site, as we a are poor lol.

    But I will post links to higher quality tracks here to download if anyone wants. Thanks again for the comments!

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    Re: Song from a new member

    As this song is already on my site, here is another:

    http://www.gamesare.com/17- Spirit_Serenade.mp3

    This is actually the second song I made using higher end sounds. I also went on a buying spree lol and got some more libraries. This song uses piano, strings, some percussion, harp, and some woodwinds from GPO. Other sounds are either effects from my keyboard and brass is project sam demos.

    Most of my tracks are basically imaginary film score tracks so that is how they flow. And a lot of them are actually scripted to parts of my screenplays, I prefer making music rather than storyboarding as music not only gives the pace of a scene but also the feelings in it. I will be happy to post more higher quality tracks if anyone wants.

    By the way, some of the tracks on my site are older, totally keyboard tracks from when I was 15 to about 20 and you can really hear the quality progression over the years hehe.

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    Re: Song from a new member

    [QUOTE=Sam Dillard]

    I never actually learned to play piano/keyboard but picked it up on my own, and I don't know how to read or write music, in fact I don't even know the notes on my keyboard lol I just love playing and creating stuff. So please don't be too harsh


    Sam, I enjoyed listening to this very much. As someone else has said here, we would like to hear more! I was particularly impressed by the first piece. The composition and handling of GPO is first class.


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    Re: Song from a new member

    Very nice work. You obviously have a natural ear for this.
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: Song from a new member

    Here is an older, unfinished short piece: http://www.gamesare.com/Perilous_Journey.mp3

    Strings, woodwinds, and percussion mostly GPO. Sometimes I have trouble making a good conclusion to a song, so I just keep em unfinished rather than adding any uninspired composition lol.

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

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    Re: Song from a new member

    Welcome aboard, Sam!

    And one excellent introduction of your work to us, at that!

    Beautiful piece, Sam, definitely some strong natural talent
    at work in this; there's a lyricism and melodic sweep to this
    that's engaging and worthwhile.

    One suggestion I might make... try backing off the reverb
    somewhat. Almost everyone, early on, uses more than
    might serve the music best [you should have heard my first;
    it sounded like it was recorded in an airplane hangar]. Too
    much tends to obscure articulations and lines become less
    clear. There's good writing in this; you want to bring that
    out, not hide it.

    A rule-of-thumb approach is to start dry; add the reverb
    very slowly, a little at a time, until you think it's just right.
    Then back it off slightly... and you're usually on the mark.

    Good work on this, Sam; and I hope we'll see you back soon
    with much, much more!

    My best,


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