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Topic: Sonny Rollins Cover - biting off more than I can chew

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    Sonny Rollins Cover - biting off more than I can chew

    Saint Thomas Cover
    (N.B.: once you reach the link destination, then please click on either LoFi or HiFi in order to stream the tune.)

    An attempt to do an all-computer version of Sonny Rollins et al's performance of Saint Thomas as captured in the master take on the album "Now's the Time". This is a challenge I gave myself in order to learn how to use the Garritan Jazz & Big Band virtual instrument better. I think that I still have a ways to go but I thought it was time to post it and get ideas and hints from others.

    J&BB Instrumentation: sax is tenor sax 1, bass is acoustic bass 2, drums are classic jazz kit.
    Programming and mixing in Cubase SX3, light mastering touches in Wavelab 5.

    How is the sax programming?

    Any tips for getting better results (in particular, the sax, but I'd appreciate any ideas, advice, help, that any kind soul would care to offer).
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Sonny Rollins Cover - biting off more than I can chew

    I'd say you're definitely making great progress with JABB, LRK.
    The overall "sound and feel" on this is fairly decent.

    That sax is reasonably silky, nice color and tone to it. Perhaps
    a bit more work with vibrato on it... though that so often is
    a point of contention, as vibrato treatments are largely
    idiosyncratic to a given style and player.

    Nice job on this! Keep 'em coming!


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