Hi everyone!
Can anybody help me with this card? I have done anything imaginable (I only hope isn´t defective). The thing is that the card works OK just for some minutes, then a message (in white painted square) tells me that the machine lost comunication with the card. The system (Gigastudio and Win98SE) don´t crash, just the card.
The card is using using its own IRQ sharing with PCI IRQ steering (or somthing like that) and I have read a lot about that this sharing is harmless (I have another system with Digi001 which also shares with IRQ steering and the card don´t crash)
My PC is an PIII 733mhz, intel815e mobo chipset, Quantum fireball plus 30 Gig HD. There´s not other program in background
I really apreciate any information or help.
By the way, I haven´t had any luck with Echo tech support!!
Thanks in advance