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Topic: Apogee Ensemble...

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    Apogee Ensemble...

    Has anyone around here tried this interface? I'm thinking about putting together an Ensemble / Nuendo system and am just looking for some direct feedback. Anyone have any comparisons to the RME Fireface? Thanks...

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    Re: Apogee Ensemble...

    I'm a Windows user myself but it looks pretty sweet. Still seems to be shipping with a beta driver with these limitations:


    ... don't see Nuendo mentioned as a supported software application yet. Or any mention that Windows will ever get drivers. But I did pick up an RME FF400 for my laptop and its quite nice and is cross platform. Although the converters seem top notch and go to 192K, I still go to my old Apogee PSX100SE for critical recording. But I'm thinking of trying out a Benchmark ADC and hooking it to my RME's spidif-in. I think Kip McGinnis over at Bardstown Audio mentioned somewhere that he's switched from Apogee to a combination like that now.


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    Re: Apogee Ensemble...

    They say that any core audio application will work with the Ensemble, so Nuendo should work. They are really promoting it with Logic so I think it's causing some confusion that maybe Logic is the only program it will work with. So far everything I've been reading has been stellar, so I'm really thinking about it. My main problem now is that I'm picking up my dual 3.0ghz Mac Pro on Thursday, but Nuendo won't be Intel compatible for at least 3 to 6 months. I'm just going to have to limp along with Pro Tools LE for the next few months...

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    Re: Apogee Ensemble...

    And just for some official clarification, here's a response directly from Apogee on the subject:

    "Yes, you can use Ensemble as a complete I/O solution for any application that supports Core Audio, including Digital Performer. Our free Maestro control application will give you complete control of the Ensemble interface and Direct Monitoring functionality with Core Audio."

    It's looking like a strong candidate for my setup...

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    Re: Apogee Ensemble...

    They sure succeeded in confusing me. Particularly this in their driver notes:
    Supported configurations and features
    The following configurations and features are supported with Beta FireWire Audio 2.0.0b13-e8:
    • Single Ensemble setups
    • Audio sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz
    • Logic Pro 7.2.1, iTunes 6.x or QuickTime Player 7.x
    • Logic Pro 7.2.1, Core Audio I/O buffer sizes of 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024
    The following configurations and features are NOT supported with Beta FireWire Audio 2.0.0b13-e8:
    • Any software application other than those specifically mentioned above.
    Maybe their note to you refers to a driver update that's not on their web site yet. Manufacturers often release links to updates by e-mail or forum posts before updating their web pages.


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    Re: Apogee Ensemble...


    It's compatible with any core audio application. I think they've just put special control of the unit directly within Logic to help market the two of them together. I'm really leaning towards this one, so if I wind up getting it, I'll post a review here...

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    Apogee Ensemble and DP

    I am considering a purchase of the Apogee Ensemble. I'm using Digital Performer 5 on one rig and PT HD3 Accel on another. I'm not happy with the MOTU interfaces that I own (1224, 2408, 828) and I need the DP rig to stream audio to the PT rig for stem recording (film score.) Has anyone used the Ensemble for DP?

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