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Topic: Epic Soundtrack Cues

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    Epic Soundtrack Cues

    Here are some tracks from a screenplay/film project I have been working on for some time. The setting is epic scifi-fantasy, but the story is rooted in modern day drama, so that kind of contemporary feel is present throughout most of the songs. Most of my music is epic in scale and sound as that is what I enjoy making, plus I am from Texas and we do everything big there hehe.

    (Continued from previous post)


    http://www.gamesare.com/17- Spirit_Serenade.mp3





    Strings, woodwinds, and percussion is mostly GPO in all the tracks. An Age Forgotten is almost entirely GPO, minus some of the brass and synths. I have some more pieces but I don't know if people will like me flooding this place with my musical spam lol.

    And I didn't know if I should make separate posts for each song, or if I should put them all in one post. Hopefully y'all like some of em!

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    Re: Epic Soundtrack Cues


    Quite nice - you capture the epic/cinematic quality well. I can't put my finger on it, but is there something you can do to get more space around the sound? Maybe it's just an issue of reverb/ambience - I'm in territory where I have little knowledge. I think the music and the orchestration are right on target - but something about the mix doesn't quite hit the epic mark. But that's a problem of realization - the score, the composition(s) are right on target.

    Very enjoyable!

    R. Pearl

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    Re: Epic Soundtrack Cues


    There is a soundtrack quality in your works, and they sound wonderful. It would be nice to see screenplay with your music.


    PS Epic soundtracks are my favorite.

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    Re: Epic Soundtrack Cues

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

    Here are a couple more:

    http://www.gamesare.com/13- Over_the_Fields.mp3

    http://www.gamesare.com/16- A_First_Step.mp3

    Remember these are soundtrack sequences which follow a story, so they are not 'epic' all the time lol, there are lots of small moments as well. Plus it is very difficult to truely emulate the feel of a large, real orchestra. And being poor, I don't have all the best samples to work with so I try to mix things down and do a lot of layering. This sometimes results in a muffled and oversaturated/muddy sound. I think this might be what you are talking about, and I don't like it too much either. I use a good convolution reverb in newer tracks, but it is too much for my computer to handle so most instruments are recorded solo and mixed afterwards.

    If there are parts which sound weak, it is probably cuz I did not mix them very well lol. Also, some of my samples are close mic and some far mic, which feel uneven and funky together. But I've gotten better at it over time, and I have some better tracks which I might post later. Thanks again for the input!

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    Re: Epic Soundtrack Cues


    Great work, lovely sound and feeling to your music. Your use of GPO and talents are well put to work in these.

    It's good to hear so many works of your works. One suggestion is to make a separate posting for each so that comments can be made to specific works. But don't hold back otherwise!!!



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    Re: Epic Soundtrack Cues

    Very strong work, Sam! A sure and able hand in epic,
    broadly visual writing, indeed -- and rich, emotive,
    melodic content, as well.

    I've listened through all of these with much pleasure.
    I don't know what your eventual intentions may be; but
    this is stunningly good cinematic writing... if Hollywood
    doesn't come looking for you, I'd be very surprised.

    And for heaven's sake, certainly don't worry about
    "flooding this place"... rofl. This is *the* place to be
    getting your work in front of people -- and every piece
    is abundantly welcome.

    Excellent work! Keep them coming, Sam, keep them
    coming... I think the name Sam Dillard is going to become
    quite well respected around these parts!


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    Re: Epic Soundtrack Cues

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux
    I've listened through all of these with much pleasure.
    I don't know what your eventual intentions may be; but
    this is stunningly good cinematic writing... if Hollywood
    doesn't come looking for you, I'd be very surprised.
    Wow thanks everyone for the encouragement! Actually when I was 18 I scored a student film for some folks but other than that music has just been an enjoyable hobby. I would love to get some work scoring movies or games, but I have no idea how to go about doing so. If I knew that, then perhaps I would not be without a car and only able to afford to eat a can of soup each day lol.

    I will post some more once my slow internet is done uploading

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    Re: Epic Soundtrack Cues

    I agree with the positive comments..

    Excellent work! ( all of them!!)

    Creating a terrific, memorable melody is not an easy thing to do.
    I do hear an epic-ness here...There's a richness of voice layering. Each arrangement is quite unique.

    I would see this film project based on the music alone!

    If scoring for film/games is you passion... then go out and get it.! You should have no difficulties ... The quality/imagination here is Absolutely top notch!

    An outstanding achievement, Sam!

    Looking forward to hearing more works form you on this forum.


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