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Topic: SONG: Watchers From Above

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    Wink SONG: Watchers From Above

    Here is another song of the same soundtrack. This is kind of a transition from lighter adventure to a darker story. This one has a bit more pace and constantly moving forward throughout most of the song. There are also some themes that are present throughout most of the songs in various forms if anyone has noticed


    This is also an older track, and one of my first full length pieces. Thanks for listening!

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    Re: SONG: Watchers From Above


    your music amazes me. I like the pieces very much - very interesting harmonics, rich orchestration and a very positive charisma!

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: SONG: Watchers From Above


    Very nice work. I like to restate themes as well, using existing material to make new. You have a real gift for making music full and rich, lots of depth and feeling throughout. Your scoring and renderings are excellent.



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    Re: SONG: Watchers From Above

    Another arrestingly visual piece, Sam. Well done!

    This is quite a lot of really high-quality, interesting,
    richly orchestrated work you've put before us in
    just a short while.



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    Re: SONG: Watchers From Above

    Another winner!

    excellent work!


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    Re: SONG: Watchers From Above

    Sam, nice writing,
    although to be posted on this forum, it would be nice if it had some GPO. Perhaps the only thing I heard from GPO is the harp and TamTam (gong)


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    Re: SONG: Watchers From Above

    I use GPO quite extensively in almost all my orchestral stuff actually. The strings in every song are always GPO, as of all the samples I have heard or tried, nothing even comes close and I just love the garritan strings. Also, the harp and glass harmonica, as well as timpanis and woodwinds are all GPO.

    I use the tremolo strings a lot and layer with the individual ensemble sections. I actually have no other string libraries other than some of the dynamics and effects stuff from VSL. The brass is really the only totally non-GPO samples I use, but often the GPO brass is layered with other foreground brass samples.

    And of course effects like ambient shakers and some synth pads which I use are from elsewhere, but GPO instruments really comprise of about 50-75% of every orchestral song I make. Every instrument track is recorded and mixed separately though, so depending on the mixing/reverb/eq, it might distort the sound of the GPO instruments. Generally, I find that the GPO sounds are too 'close' which is why I do a lot of editing to get the sound I want. And the Brass is really the only instruments which I am not too fond of in GPO, but I will still use them with other brass samples to give a more rich feel.

    So even though it may not sound like it, if you hear strings, harp, woodwinds, almost everything but brass, in my songs it is almost always GPO or GPO mixed with other stuff

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    Re: SONG: Watchers From Above

    Thanks for the low-down, Sam; information like this on the
    techniques you use benefits all.

    Some good ideas in there!


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