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Topic: Anyone Using Melodyne??

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    Anyone Using Melodyne??

    Anyone using Melodyne? And if so, what do you think? Is it worth the $$$$?



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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    Absolutely! I love this software. Very powerful and easy to use, and sounds fantastic. It depends on what you want it for, deciding which version to get. Cre8 gives you full functionality, but no editing of stereo tracks, just playback, and only 8 tracks at a time. Studio is ton of tracks including stereo editing.

    You won't be sorry.

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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    How many bits is the Cre8 version?

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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    Cre8 is 8, 16 or 24 bits
    In Studio, if desired, 32 bits is also possible

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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    Cool; thanks.

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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    I agree, it's a great piece of software. For vocal tuning/massaging it beats the pants off Autotune and its brethren, and it can do soo much more...

    Of course whether it's worth the money depends on what you need/want it for, but as Matt points out the Cre8 version can do a lot and is quite affordable.


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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    Can either of you comment on how easy it is to create natural sounding unison doublings with it, and how realistic it may or may not sound?

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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    are you talking about taking two vocals that are out of tune and making them a good unison? For that you can't beat Melodyne. Honestly, whatever you use it for, it will sound more natural than any other software. That's why some of the sample libraries now use their engine for lyrical manipulation.

    I use it to bring all my vocal parts in to tune when there are some dispcrepancies ( which, of course almost NEVER happens ) It works like a charm.

    You can not only fix the pitch, but have great control over vobrato and any fluxuations insode the pitch. I had hit the "perfect" note but had a small dip in the middle. I just twaeked it and you would never know!

    I have also changed my mind on a vocal voicing and instead of resinging 8 parts, I just changed the notes in Melodyne. Flawless.

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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it. I want to transpose stereo files and work with loops for timing and transposition. Which version would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance



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    Re: Anyone Using Melodyne??

    The full version - Studio is the only one that manipulates stereo files, so that's the one for you.

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