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Topic: "Remnance of a Dream"

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    "Remnants of a Dream"

    Ok so finally i got some time to actually make some music! The last time i was on here was at least a year ago, so if anything, i've forgotten how to record stuff. Well anyways, i spent almost all day working on this with FruityLoops.

    It's the top song. Besides this one, the only other thing i've made with GPO is at the bottom of the page .


    I wanted to try a little merge type deal with electronica and almost background movie type thingys. This is not done, but if i don't post it now, i never will.


    (Feedback welcome!)

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    Re: "Remnance of a Dream"

    Off to a great start with this, Richie.

    Some strong, and quite lovely, writing in the opening of it;
    and it's certainly an adventuresome and interesting
    development into first a techno-pop idiom, and then --
    that blend of styles toward the end, I think you're really
    moving into some fertile terrain, there!

    I enjoyed listening.


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    Re: "Remnance of a Dream"

    Hey thanks David!

    I actually just changed a lot of stuff in it, so it's much different now!

    I replaced the old one, so the link will still work! Thanks!

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    Re: "Remnance of a Dream"

    Hi Richie -

    This is such an excellent mix of orchestral with techno-style beats. I love listening to combinations like this. You have some excellent rhythms in here - both GPO orchestra and drum. I had to groove to this one a few times before commenting. I really enjoyed it.

    My only comment is I feel you could have varied the dynamics of the instruments a bit more....softened some sections more so that the more bombastic sections feel even bigger in comparison. But I'm nitpicking, really. Truly enjoyable stuff!

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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    Re: "Remnance of a Dream"

    Yes, this is an interesting experiment. As mfotunato said, the tension could be stronger if the parts would have more dynamic development. I liked to listen.


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