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Topic: Detuned String Quartet

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    Detuned String Quartet

    Anybody ever written for de-tuned strings?

    I've just started using my own tuning mode which does not relate to any others.
    The results are weird but cool.

    Would love to hear if any others have done this.

    I am writing a symphony and for various reasons the string quartet plays a rather different game from the rest of the orchestra.


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    Re: Detuned String Quartet

    You mean, tuning better than well tempered, or worse?

    This remembers me to my diploma thesis - intonation in string quartet.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Detuned String Quartet

    Actually it is my own tuning mode, not even or perfect temperament.
    You can hear a sample here. This is just an experiment with no articulation or melodic ideas. I have created 'rules' for the quartet, they can only play open strings or octave harmonics. The music is written in 'code' which I am still developing.


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