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Topic: A.I.R. gets reviews

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    A.I.R. gets reviews

    hello Northern Soundians,
    Great news!
    A.I.R. is getting good reviews. If you check out our website www.samplelogic.com you can see our newly updated press and reviews section that contain reviews from award winning composers. Also, stay tuned for our reviews in keyboard, electronic musician and virtual isntrument magazines Sample Logic was also credited in 2 blockbuster films that will be coming to theaters in the near future, which you can read more about in our new SL news section on our site.

    We are adding new demo tracks in the near future as well, If you already own A.I.R. and compose a track with it let me know joe@samplelogic.com and we can add it to our website, also any feedback about the product would be greatly appreciated
    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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    Re: A.I.R. gets reviews

    Congratulations Joe!

    Best regards,

    Creative Director
    Cinematic Sampling

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    Re: A.I.R. gets reviews

    Thanks Maarten

    Are you going to be at the winter NAMM show this year?
    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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    Re: A.I.R. gets reviews

    Many congratulations Joe, and best wishes for continued success!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: A.I.R. gets reviews

    Hey Joe - congrats on your Lib.
    I am a sucker for libs that cover this type of material and your demos are excellent so I am very very tempted by it.

    One question i have is does your lib require autorization through NI's web site. I already have K2 but I loathe NI's authorization system.

    I have sworn off any lib that uses it (yours may be an exception if you do use it).

    I am sure the kontakt player would need authorizing but would a registered K2 user need to also authorize your sample rom??

    Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me.

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    Re: A.I.R. gets reviews

    hello ed,

    Glad to hear you liked the demos. We actually just got back from doing a composers sample library workshop at New York University and got good responce with A.I.R. Fortunately, NI has adopted a far better approach to authorization verses their old challange/responce system. The library comes with an application called service center that you login and within literly 2 seconds, choose to authorize AIR, it connects to the net and its done. Pretty painless! The library is good for 2 authorizations so if you want to authorize it on your mac and pc or on 2 machines your good to go

    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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    Re: A.I.R. gets reviews

    The authorization is painless! Really, it is simple and takes 2 seconds.

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