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Topic: PC Game Track

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    PC Game Track

    Here is a shorter song for a fantasy/adventure game I been working on.


    Strings, harp, woodwinds, backing brass, and most percussion is GPO. This one also makes use of some of the solo violin instruments in parts.

    I've got some more game tracks but GPO usage is not as extensive in them, just some strings and percussion in parts, so I am not sure I should post them here.

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    Re: PC Game Track

    very Cool! I like the triplety feeling!

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    Re: PC Game Track

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it

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    Re: PC Game Track

    Hi Sam, I am sorry that I have not made mention of the fact that you have great ideas with your music. I appreciate you mentioning the instruments you used.

    Thank you for posting your music here with us Sam.


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    Re: PC Game Track

    We're going to start calling you Never-Miss Sam... lol!

    Another fine effort, Sam, powerful, energetic writing.

    Sam, I hate to do this, but I gotta:

    The material you're turning out is far, far too good to be
    relegated to background music for games. I sincerely
    think it's long overdue for you to move beyond that. You
    have the technical and compositional wherewithal to
    tackle larger orchestral pieces that would stand wonderfully
    on their own... and I'd genuinely look forward to hearing
    more work in this area from you!


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