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Topic: Yamaha Acquires Rogers Drums

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    Yamaha Acquires Rogers Drums

    Yamaha Corp. of America has announced it has acquired the intellectual property rights to the Rogers Drum Company at auction. The move followed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of Brook Mays Music on July 11. Rogers, founded in 1849, boasts a rich heritage of manufacturing excellence and holds a reputation as one of the most innovative lines of drums ever sold. The Dyna-Sonic snare drum, the company's centerpiece, is prized by collectors and players....

    "Opportunities to acquire a well-respected brand that is so treasured by players do not come along every day," said Tom Sumner, vice president and general manager of Yamaha's Pro Audio & Combo Division. "We will use our expertise to improve on the Rogers legacy." Under the Brook Mays umbrella, distribution was limited, though Yamaha plans to make Rogers products available to its drum dealers nationwide.

    The acquisition fits into Yamaha's expansion plan to provide high-quality, complementary products with a wider reach across the country, an initiative that includes the recent acquisition of Steinberg Media Technologies and distribution agreements with digital music equipment manufacturer CME, software company Arturia, cymbal manufacturer Paiste, and speaker/line array manufacturer Nexo. Prior to Brook Mays' stewardship, the Rogers brand was variously the property of a number of companies in recent years, including CBS Musical Instruments (as part of the Fender/Rogers/Rhodes group), Island Musical Supply, and Grossman Music Corp

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    Re: Yamaha Acquires Rogers Drums

    I have nothing against Yamaha - on the contrary, they've come out with some fantastic products over the years - but it's sad to see a 150-year-old company subsumed.

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    Re: Yamaha Acquires Rogers Drums

    I'm with Lee on this... I've owned two sets sof Rogers drums in the past and loved them both. Always sad to see a smaller company consumed. Hope Yamaha don't "Walmart" the industry...

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