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Topic: M-Audio Axiom controller series

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    M-Audio Axiom controller series

    I have added the Axiom 61 to my set-up and I'm enjoying it immensely. While I also have an M-Audio Stage Piano SX88, I prefer the action on the Axiom as I find it a perfect balance between semi-weighted and synth action. It also transmits aftertouch which is nice, has a big blue screen, tons of controller sliders and knobs..and is cheap! My only wish is that M-Audio releases a 76 key version since I like a bigger range than 61 keys. Otherwise, I'm trilled with it.

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    Re: M-Audio Axiom controller series

    I bought an Axiom 61 about a month ago. I love it. It's a nice change up from my 88 key Kurzweil PC2X. Also, gotta love the knobs, sliders and buttons it comes with, and I just wish I had more reason to use the pads, cause they really are nice. Very nice for the cost.

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    Re: M-Audio Axiom controller series

    I use the Axiom 61 along with their Prokeys sx88 and a Receptor VZTi player for the greatest live rig ever (I've been trying to do this for 30 years...)

    88sx has onboard sounds, but I don't use them, instead the primary controls I use are the channel changing, as it changes what instrument is on the lower manual (usually Colossus Steinway, Mr Ray 2.2 EP or lower manual of B4 II. The Axiom on top I have configured so each Axiom preset focusses on a different channel, so it controls B4 II, NI FM7, MinimogueVA, USB Plugsound Free clav or a soundfont player that I have converted giga libs for.

    For live performance, with Trilogy and Colossus basses, I have immediate access to Acoustic Piano, Ap with acoustic bass, EP, EP with finger bass or Jaco-style fretless, clav, B4 two manuals, two synths and more. Each synth and the organ have 8 presets immediately available (I use the drum pads on the Axiom for program change) and control over the primary parameters - filter, ADRS, LFO - in realtime.

    I love the Axiom, except for the occasional velocity glitch - exactly the same with the sx88, they use the same keyboard. But I have the most flexible and powerful rig I have ever used, and it weighs half of my previous gig rig and sounds remarkably better. I highly recommend the Axiom for controllers, they'll do just about anything you can think of.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: M-Audio Axiom controller series

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Music
    I wish they would make an 88 key version cause I really love this keyboard.
    The prokeys 88sx is 88 notes and the exact same keyboard as the Axiom 61 (I use them both daily.) very limited controls on the sx88, but if you put both together as a dual manual rig, it's quite powerful. I was going to post a picture, but my server has just changed their connection rules again and I can no longer edit my website - again...<sigh>
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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