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Topic: No Giga Forum?

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    No Giga Forum?

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    Where did it go? I don't see it.

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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    Nobody? sure is starting to look dead around here. what happened to all the great peeps and excellent atmosphere? the admins piss on the parade?

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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    Strange. It's was a good resource while it lasted.

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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    Bruce was an asset to this forum, too bad the admins can't just say something about why all this went down.

    I know Giga is pretty much on the way out, but I still use it on occasion and would like to use GVI if they ever release it. Giga has been so mismanaged by Tascam! I will buy Gvi, but I will never purchase any other Tascam product EVER. they need to get a clue about product quality, and support!

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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    Is there any possibility that the owners could put the Giga Forum in the "Archive" section, read only, and leave it there for 1-2 weeks so people can extract what they need from it?

    There were some good threads there, especially the one about Giga Systems that work.


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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    Whew! It's still here... just got moved around into a different place!!

    [heart attack] = recovered from...
    — alanb




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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    The giga forum is still here. It has just moved to another location in the forum. There are a few post here from earlier on. one after the thread above was made.

    By the way lee Tascam has never started paying for anything here .




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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    Bruce was touring as well wasn't he? If I recall, he mentioned it in a post a month ago.
    Sean Beeson
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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    oops False alarm

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    Re: No Giga Forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Christo7
    oops False alarm

    Many new and exciting things coming....... stay tuned the NS community is still growing massively maybe it's time for server number 3 . It's really busy around here as some may have noticed ("server is busy please try again later") . I'm going to eventually move this to off topic when I have time in your own words "false alarm".

    Back to work

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