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Topic: Just Checking in

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    Just Checking in

    Hey everyone,

    How's it going? I haven't been on here lately, as some of you may have noticed, (or not, whichever the case may be!! :-) ) Anyway, I wanted to give everyone an update as to what is going on.

    I think I mentioned it once before, but my wife and I are expecting our first child. It's a big time for us, which caused us to re-evaluate our situation. As it was, I was working three jobs, two teaching and one retail, (Yikes!) and barely making the ends meet. So, after some extensive soul searching, Laura and I decided to pull up stakes and move to a place where I could find a better paying, full-time job.

    So as it stands now, we are now living in Huber Heights, which is part of Dayton, Ohio. I have a few good leads on full time jobs and things are looking better.

    Packing up was alot of work, which we did all in two days, and putting our house up for sale was extremely rough, seeing how much time, work, and money we spent on making it just the way we like it.

    It's amazing when you think how one event can turn your life upside down. :-)

    In other news, I am still teaching one day a week at Muskingum College. It's about a 2 hour trek down I-70, but they pay travel, so I'm not really out anything, except the time.

    Now some news about my films. Broken Oath and Murder at Midnight played well both nights at the Indie Gathering in Cleveland a few weeks ago. Jeff, the director, told me that there was standing room only and we had many re-peat visitors. Jeff made some great contacts and we have several films in the works, and possibly, a feature in the very near future!! (Cross your fingers!! :-D)

    They also played well in the Toronoto film Festival that same weekend.

    For those of your in Florida who are interested, both of the films are being shown on the Learning Channel during the Independence Film Festival, September 23, I think. I'll let you guys know when I find out more news.

    I also have a few concert tune in the works for Muskingum College.

    One other thing, I had to change my e-mail address. I am just using my hotmail at filmcomposerjonny@hotmail.com.

    I'm sorry to write a novel. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing fine. I'm hoping that things start slowing down to where I can hang out here more often. I miss talking with all of you very much.

    Please let me know what you guys and gals have been up to.

    Talk to you soon,
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    Re: Just Checking in

    Hey Jonny! Congrats on the child-in-the-making , congrats on the films, congrats on the move! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a feature film as well, wouldn't that be awesome? (Assuming a feature film is what you meant. ) I hope you will find a nice job there in Dayton, Ohio... look out for Mr. Tanner... Nice to hear from you! Whew, you've been busy!
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    Re: Just Checking in

    I wish you great succes in your move Jonny,
    and how about that Baby, cool!

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    Re: Just Checking in

    All the Best, Jonny...

    You're only 2 hours, 15 min away from Chez Snorlax...and 2 hours away from Indy NAMM if they have it this summer
    My former college roommate is in Dayton...GREAT tuba player!! I see him often, so perhaps I can see you two as well...

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    Re: Just Checking in

    Well, pulling up stakes is not always so easy, but if the goal is made closer, then you really have no choice.

    Interesting that my grandson was at Muskeegum last year, I think.


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