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Topic: Sony Sound FX Library...

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    Sony Sound FX Library...

    I'm starting my small sound design business and am in the process of putting together my system. I'm investing in a good number of sound fx libraries (including Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edge libraries), but I'm curious about the Sony FX series. Has anybody tried those? They seem like a good deal for the money because they're not ridiculously expensive like most libraries are. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks...

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    Re: Sony Sound FX Library...

    Hmmm... I'm not sure. This is the library I'm talking about:


    So how does that work exactly? If they're not royalty-free, then I would have to pay for using it on commercial products? What about taking those fx and layering/processing them so that they sound quite different from the original? I guess there wouldn't be much way to catch that, right?

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