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Topic: Where is Giga Forum?

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    Where is Giga Forum?

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    I sincerely hope that this is only a mistake. How could this excellent forum deleted just out of the blue?
    If it is a business decision by NS, it is a bad one. I learned a lot from the Giga Forum what is happening in NS, and it did influence my buying activities favourably for them.
    I am deeply disapointed. If this stays as it is, I never buy a product from NS.

    Ted Vanya

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    Re: Where is Giga Forum?

    Why is everyone so quick to judge and say such negatives? It's already been stated by NSS on 2 threads that the GIGA forum has been moved and will be back up shortly. NSS is making room for improvements. Standby.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Where is Giga Forum?

    Ted, it is still here, only now under the heading "Software Samplers."


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    Re: Where is Giga Forum?

    Hello Bela:
    I am not quick to judge, I was terrified. It just shows how important this Forum is to many of us. Maybe, you are too quick to judge.
    I found it allright a few minutes after I posted. Sorry folks!

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