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Topic: Bus-Powered Drive Enclosures for Samples

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    Bus-Powered Drive Enclosures for Samples

    I do most of my work on a notebook computer, so I keep my sample libraries on an external drive. Right now I have them in a 60gb 7200rpm 2.5" drive (Hitachi Travelstar). The enclosure is bus-powered, so I don't have to bother with plugging it into the wall every time I want to use it (and I can compose on an airplane if I need to). This seems to work, although admittedly I haven't tried pushing it to its limits.

    In light of the new group buy which shall go unnamed (ahem), I'm thinking of bumping up to a 100gb 7200 rpm drive, but I'm worried that this is just too much for bus-powering. Has anybody bus-powered a 7200rpm 100gb 2.5" drive? Any recommendations on an enclosure that can support this much power?


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    Re: Bus-Powered Drive Enclosures for Samples

    Typically, newer drives have less power consumption than older drives. The only exception are "flagship" drives released with each storage company's new generation, which often have 4+ platters instead of the usual 1-2. That doesn't apply to 2.5" drives, obviously -- you'll be fine.

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