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Topic: Heads up ..24 Channel DAW controllers ... nearly all gone.

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    Heads up ..24 Channel DAW controllers ... nearly all gone.

    Just bought what must be one of the last Tascam US2400's in the UK (like this one http://www.tascam.com/Products/US-2400.html). Its their 24 channel DAW controller. Since it is being discontinued it is selling highly discounted. Got mine for £545, including next day delivery. (original rrp £1200)

    Ordered one yesterday actually, but got a call this morning to say there had been an accident at the retailers warehouse, and their last pallete of 10 had fallen as it was being moved from a shelf ... 30 feet !! They've returned tham all to Tascam as damaged.

    Anyway, found one other supplier who had 8 left. The other big sellers DV247 and Turnkey and Dolphin are all out now.

    Anyways, won't post their name in case I infringe NS rules ... but if you do a Google search you'll find them. They're advertised at £599, but haggle and you should be able to get them down to £550 at least.

    24 motorised faders, plus master strip and rotary encoders !!!

    Happy hunting
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    Re: Heads up ..24 Channel DAW controllers ... nearly all gone.

    Well it arrived.

    Build quality is superb.

    Integration with cubase is not brilliant, and woefully documented.
    Setting up was not easy. A lot of trial and error (as I was forewarned on TascamForums).

    But it is up and running now .. and it is fullfilling 95% of what I want it to do.
    Despite the dreadful documentation and slighty inferiour DAW integration I would still recommend it to anyone who wants 24 faders.

    For £545 I am very happy.
    VSL Symphonic Cube, PLAY Gold, Project SAM, Altiverb, US2400, Cubase 4

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    Re: Heads up ..24 Channel DAW controllers ... nearly all gone.

    Drew - Glad it worked out for you - I only just saw your post otherwise I would have replied sooner with my tales of the 2400...

    I too saw them about at a great price, and the idea of having 24 flying faders was too much excitement to bear (well, you know, almost) - Luckily down near where we are there's a great bunch with good stock (Absolute Music in the UK) who let me try it with Sonar... Many bizarre problems and two units later I gave up and ended up returning it and getting a Mackie Control Universal - I'll not go into the plusses and minusses of the relative control surfaces and number of faders etc, except to say that US2400 in any of it's compatability modes just didn't seem to get on with Sonar 5 at all well...
    There was a rumour that a firmware upgrade might help, but there didn't seem to be anything user-installable...I don't know I was alone in having these problems, but again there didn't seem to be a lot of good news on the web about this particular combo either...

    I did a little digging way back before Sonar 6 was a twinkle in someone at Cakewalk's eye, and there didn't seem to be any commitment to improve compatability between the US2400 and Sonar moving forward...but now it's here, it does seem that one of Sonar 6's big heralds is that it automatically maps control surfaces - I guess we'll have to wait and see what that turns out like.

    For anyone interesting in one of these, my advice is to use a good and friendly dealer and make sure you can take it back if it doesn't work...

    Hey, not a very upbeat ending, but, there you go!


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    Re: Heads up ..24 Channel DAW controllers ... nearly all gone.

    Hey Moops

    I don't think you are alone in your experiences. The poor integration and difficulties people have had setting it up is probably one of the reasons it hasn't been the success it should have been. (and I'm glad you mentioned Absolute Music ... they may have had something to do with my purchase .... ;-)

    But I spent a lot of time reading the postings on a dedicated US2400 forum, so I knew the difficulties in advance and how people had maanged to solve them.

    Concerning Sonar's ACT .... When I read about ACT at the weekend I was very pleased with myself initially, as I thought this might be an even better way to integrate it .... but I think you have to read very carefully about what ACT will do. On the Sonar forums, some keen eyed members have eeked out from the sales blurb that ACT will auto-map VSTs to midi-controllers ... not necessarily DAW control surfaces which may have a proprietary protocol. If your DAW can flip into Midi Controller mode ... then fine ... but we'll have to see if ACT will auto-map to Mackie Control's et al in their in DAW control mode.

    Hi Houston,
    The US2400 has no proprietary drivers, it uses the Windows midi drivers ..... which I hope will still be availble in Vista.

    www.tascamforums.com is good place to understand the problems people have had with it, and how they have overcome them.
    VSL Symphonic Cube, PLAY Gold, Project SAM, Altiverb, US2400, Cubase 4

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    Re: Heads up ..24 Channel DAW controllers ... nearly all gone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    I've seen some good reviews on this. My worry, though, would be that if it's being discontinued, drivers for Windows Vista will never be written.

    Lee Blaske
    It shows up as USB MIDI ports (class compliant). No drivers needed under XP or OSX. Probably wouldn't be any different under Vista.

    - G

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