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Topic: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

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    ANNOUNCEMENT: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    It's time to put those years of study, your love of music, and that computer to good use.

    You could win a trip to London to watch your winning composition be recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, your own copy of the award-winning NOTION software, plus $2500 in cash.

    All you need is our free NOTION Demo, with free update to allow for saving after contest registration.

    Click here for more info.
    Click here to register.
    Click here to order your free demo.

    Good Luck!
    --Jason Windsor
    --NOTION Music

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    Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge


    Hello. I just placed an order for the Notion Demo. I'm interested in entering the contest.

    I was wondering if there are any limitations, such as missing intruments or smaller ranges in the demo version that will make writing a full orchestral score impossible?

    Jonny Lost
    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

    "The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead." - Igor Stravinsky

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    Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    No, there are no limitations, no shorter ranges, it's all there!

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    Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    There are no limits to functionality (assuming you downloaded the update when you registered for the competition), but it is not identical to the packaged product. We haven't limited the range of any instrument, and you can still apply any dynamic you wish to any instrument, but some sample sets have been left out to make the demo fit onto one cd. Brass instruments, for example, are missing an extra sample set below ppp, and some woodwinds are missing an extra set above fff. Those dynamic marking will still play back, it will simply be the next timbre up or down playing more softly or more loudly. We felt this was the best solution for getting the entire demo onto one CD. due to the improbability that a composer would ask a brass player to play that softly or a woodwind player that loudly.

    In addition, if you so desire, you are still able to put articulations and techniques in your score, even if you don't have the sound kits to play them (like different mutes for brass or harmonics for strings) because our judges will have the full version with all of the sound kits installed when they listen. I understand it will be difficult to submit something you can't fully preview, so it's up to you if you like to include techniques you're not able to play back.

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    Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    Will a Notion file containing 4 short movements be considered one entry?
    (6 min. total time)

    Thank you.

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    Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by TDet
    Will a Notion file containing 4 short movements be considered one entry?
    (6 min. total time)

    Thank you.
    I'm looking into this. Hopefully, I'll have an answer by the end of the day.

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    Thumbs up Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    I have the demo. There are limitations. There is no harp. Also, I have had many problems with the program crashing/encountering an error and closing before I can save new entries. So I save every other entry. There are copy/pasting problems with the program as well. On the other hand the sound quality of the London Orchestra samples are great. Printing the score is a real problem if you add articulations, slurs and dynamic markings. My suggestion is to write the music first and print a copy for safe keeping and then add articulations and print. Remove articulations and add dynamics and print. Phrase markings can be done by hand to save printer ink and paper.
    Entering notation is much easier than the other programs once you learn the easy keyboard shortcuts. I wish my $$$ Finale 07 was as easy. Also, I have not been able to acces the tech support on line. I have had to re-register a few time to get a working password.
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    Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    Harp worked in my demo.
    There were some save crashes as I incremented my music. i.e. song 1.1, song 1.2 ect.... Usually after a save as Wav file.

    After getting the full version things are more stable and printing works better.
    Over all fidelity is better as well.

    Notion PPC Mac 1.5.6 (inst. 1.7)

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    Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by TDet
    Will a Notion file containing 4 short movements be considered one entry?
    (6 min. total time)

    Thank you.
    I checked and this will be fine considered as one entry, as long as it's a single .ntn file. The only limitation is the 10 minute length.

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    Re: NOTION's Realize Music Challenge

    Thanks for checking.

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