This is from our July Newsletter, written by David Oertel:

One of the unique functions of NOTION is that you can save your last NTempo performance session.
When “triggering” NOTION you probably think that it would be very cool to save your “performance.” Well, you can. Once you have finished “triggering” through your composition, go to “Playback” on the menu and choose “Save NotionPlayer Session.”

After a click of the mouse, you will be prompted to name your trigger file. I recommend using a unique indicator to reference this performance. I tend to use this format: “mytitle061506” so I know that on June 15, 2006 I saved an NTempo performance of “mytitle.” You can “Load NotionPlayer Session” anytime from any saved session for instant playback. Go to the menu and select “Playback”, then choose “Load NotionPlayer Session.” After you load your session, click on the Play button. Notice the NTempo icon changed to “REPLAY” – this indicates your performance is replaying.

“REPLAY” shows your NTempo session is replaying. Click on the Play button to hear your triggered performance.

Remember that when you open NOTION and load a previously saved NotionPlayer Session, you can then save this session as a WAV file. Go to “File,” then “Save As .wav…” Share this WAV file with others to promote your composition. This is also a great tool for teachers and students. Give your saved performance to a student to illustrate how the work should be performed. Or, accompany a student using NOTION, then save your NTempo session as .wav file. Now you have a unique interpretation of your work for rehearsal away from NOTION. To help you along this process, we already have musical content ready for you! To purchase works already in NOTION, go to and click on the Score Library for NOTION performance-ready scores. Be Trigger Happy and share your performances!

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