From our April newsletter, written by Nathan Scott.

Hidden Items in NOTION

For purposes of playback quality and additional dynamic and tempo variations, NOTION’s “hide items” feature can be very handy. Often you will want to add nuance to the playback but you don’t want or need to have those markings printed in the score.

Items that can be hidden include; dynamics, tempo markings and hairpins. To add a hidden marking, start by selecting the item you want from the sidebar. The properties panewill open at the bottom of the sidebar offering options in the functionality of the marking. Check the “hide” option in the properties pane and insert the item into the score.

If you have a mark that you wish to hide after it has been entered, the first step is to highlight it then right click over the highlighted item and the properties box will open in the bottom of the sidebar. Again, select to “hide” and by clicking on the check box and the change will be implemented.
Sometimes you will want a visible marking to be one thing; but your playback another. In these instances you can change the value of an item such as a dynamic marking. This is done by selecting the marking (either in the sidebar or by highlighting the item) and again going to the properties pane where you can assign a new playback value to your dynamic marking.

Results can be as striking or as subtle as you want them to be. Below are “before” & “after” examples where “hidden” dynamics add expression to the playback without making the score seem messy.

Click here to hear an audio sample before using hidden dynamics (mp3)

Click here to hear an audio sample after using hidden dynamics (mp3)

Hidden items may be revealed/hidden by clicking on the “eye” in the toolbar or selecting “View” from the toolbar and clicking on “Reveal Hidden Items”.

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