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Topic: Timpani

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    I know this has been discussed before but I couldn't find a solution to my question. How do you stop the timp from ringing? Hit the drum, let it ring for a quarter note, than put your hand and the skin to stop the ringing. Using the sustain pedal makes the timp sound like hitting it with your hand on the skin.

    For the next version of GPO, I would like to have the timp (and other percussion instruments), using different type of mallets. The piece I'm working on now, open with the timp using wooden sticks. Not going to be able to get that sound with the samples in GPO. Cymbals are another important instrument to have different mallets. Big difference between a cymbal roll using wooden sticks and bass drum mallets.

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    Re: Timpani

    Quote Originally Posted by Babe
    How do you stop the timp from ringing?
    Change your phone number!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously, though... on the few occassions I've needed to have the drum sound stop at a specific spot, I've used a MIDI volume envelope in Sonar to shape it down. It's not perfect, but pretty close. Interesting find on the damped notes, which I hadn't noticed.

    I too would love to see wooden mallet samples for the timpani. Meanwhile, the closest I've come to the sound is to lower the overall volume while increasing the velocity of a passage. The harder strikes naturally sound like harder mallets, and the softer volume brings it back in line. Again, not perfect, but until GPOA...
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    Re: Timpani

    I can't take credit for the find on using the sustain pedal for damped notes, it was mentioned in an earlier thread.

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    Re: Timpani

    Record the timpani to an audio track, cut the audio track (soundbite) where you want it to stop. With the automation of an EQ, use the low pass filter, (passes lows, cuts highs) and taper off the high end. With added reverb this will sound very convincing in the mix.


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    Re: Timpani

    Quote Originally Posted by Skysaw
    Again, not perfect, but until GPOA...
    I've seen this before GPOA! Sorry, but what is this? Garritan Advanced?


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    Re: Timpani

    GPOA means Garritan Personal Orchestra Advanced. It is supposed to be an advanced successor to GPO.

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    Re: Timpani

    Found a solution. If you have a sampler, shorten the release t about half. The note will sound for as long as you write, ie: quarter, eight, etc. (Up to a point since there is no loop).

    Increasing the high frequencies also gave a more 'skin' sound instead of boomng.

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