While playing my MIDI controller live through a Cubase MIDI channel and into GS3, everything works just dandy.

However, if I try to play back a recorded MIDI track and send the ouput to GS3, notes are skipped entirely and/or the note off signal is ignored. If I loop it, GS3 plays back the track differently every time, but always skipping notes, and letting other notes hang.

The same problem holds true if I export the Rewire track as audio.

If I send the output of the MIDI track to a hardware synth (i.e., NOT through Rewire,) it sounds perfect, so I don't think it's an issue with Cubase or GS3 but rather Rewire.

I'm running XP on an Athalon 3400 (2.2ghz) with a gig of ram. GS3.12 is setup in rewire mode with Cubase LE.