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Topic: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

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    Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

    Oh, please, thousands of us are running Gigastudio without problems.
    Clean up your PC, make sure all is as recommended and reinstall GS. You should be OK dear...


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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

    Hi Ted!

    Id love to agree with you Ted, but when a company doesnt advertise to the general public (as far as I can see) that their product is not compatible with certain Seagate hard disks, wouldnt you start to question?
    I love the design of gigastudio, and my system is clean, and just want it to be a stable product.

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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC


    Interesting if you do a search for the word "crash" in the Gigastudio forum, 469 posts come back.

    With your title "Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC", you really havent mentioned that much out of the usual to aid Gigastudio being a reliable product if I can say. You say that 1000s of people are using it. That may well be true. But Im pretty sure there are 1000s more out there that are having major hickups with this kernel level application. Just my thoughts.

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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

    Im posting a bit here today lol

    Just one more thing and Ill go away.

    I have no agenda to bag any software company whatsoever.

    I dont work for any major competitor to gigastudio... (And hopefully you dont either Ted!)

    I just want the issues with this product raised and done something about to make it a more viable software product to buy, and for people to focus on making music instead of stuffing around with a product just to make it stable...after all, you dont buy a product with that intention in the first place...its about the music!

    Thanks Ted - dear.

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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

    I had one or two of those crashes. It always ended up that I did something, or did'nt do something right.
    That does not mean that the software is wrong. I agree with you that Tascam's sevice is not very good ( it is baaaaad.) However, if you look at Jon Fairhurst's excellent and long going posting on System that work, you have the help of many people who replace what Tascam should be doing.
    I am 80 years old, and not associated with any company at all. I love GS, and I am not trouble free with GS either. I still think that it is a great program and that is what grabbed me when you actually told this forum and potential happy users of GS NOT TO BUY IT. I think it is something to state your problem but it is something else do knock a program which THOUSANDS use and enjoy.
    I am willing to appologize to you if I hurt your feelings, it was not my intention....darling.


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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

    80 Ted? Surely you jest. Really though, I admire that. I just hope that by the time I'm 80 I'll be able to really work Giga! By the way, thanks for the tips you and Alan gave me. I'm deleting everything in the sample drive and starting over. Do you remember the site that gives tips on increasing the amount of useable memory? Mine maxes out at 881 megs. Can I do better since I have 2.5 gigs?

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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

    — alanb




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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

    Thanks Ted.

    And I apologize for some of the things I have said. I probably shouldnt have said dont buy it.

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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC

    Thanks, but it is not an achievement to reach this age, unless you congratulate my wife,who kept me alive after a heart attack now 12 years ago. But, quit smoking in time, go for your regular check-ups and drink a glass of red wine every day.
    Allan is giving you the tweak-page of Mathias. I did not do this yet because I get 1010 with setting #2 of Giga. If you did not do it yet, go through the available settings in GS and select the best for your system.

    Thanks again for your kind words.


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    Re: Why Gigastudio don't crash your PC


    I really do not wish to lengthen this posting any more, just to say to you; no hard feelings and good luck with your Giga, I hope you'll generate lovely music when you get it going..\\


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