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Topic: Security Reminder

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    Security Reminder

    Just thought I'd mention something for those of us with home based studios. My home was burglarized yesterday right about 12:00 noon. Without going into great detail, we're sure that they were still in the house when my girlfriend came home to change before an appointment. When she returned about 45 minutes later, she realized that something had happened. In the end, everyone is OK and they really took small stupid stuff like a PS2, games, movies, a $40.00 DVD player, and a can full of change in my bedroom. My studio is down stairs and although they didnt take anything, now they know it's there. So besides all the obvious stuff like a new security door on the side of the house, I'm also putting a steel security door into the entrance of my studio (It's in my basement). After talking to my insurance company, I realized that the deductible basically equaled the value of stolen property so it's not worth making a claim. However, I did realize through talking to my agent, that had they emptied my studio, my home-owner's policy would have only covered about 7% of the value. I am waiting to hear back from another company today about amending an extra onto my policy just to cover my studio equipment and software. I figure mine is at about $15,000 and worse yet, it's taken a decade to accumulate what I have. It would be devestating to say the least if that were to happen. So I thought that maybe I could help prevent someone else from the headache by getting covered for this type of thing now. I think EQ and Keyboard have recently run articles on equipment insurance and studio security. Hope this helps someone.


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    Re: Security Reminder

    Dear Eric,

    I am very sorry to hear about this. Thankfully no one was hurt and no real loss. I cannot imagine how you and yours must feel. We have ADT for the house and studio. It is a well spent investment.

    Again, sorry to hear the news.

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Security Reminder

    Hi Eric,
    I'm so sorry to hear about that. I'm thankful that your girlfriend is ok!! That's so creepy to think that they were there while she changed. Thanks for bringing this to light. I guess it's time to call the insurance company to make sure that there's proper coverage.
    Take Care,

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    Re: Security Reminder

    Hey man, sorry that happened to you, but I'm glad that your girlfriend is ok.

    The same thing happened to me 2 years ago--I was renting a house with some friends and we were burglarized. Fortunately the robbers were clearly in a rush--they just ran through every room and grabbed whatever was not stuck down -- CDs/DVDs, playstation, a digital camera, some nice sunglasses, etc.

    My studio was in the basement and I'm not even sure if they saw it--I had a cheapo electric guitar hung at the bottom of the stairs--they ran down the stairs, grabbed the guitar, and ran back up--they might not have even looked over to their right and noticed the entire studio's worth of gear! It was no fun losing the guitar but hey, I suck at guitar anyway. I'm just glad they didn't take my computer, studio equipment, or saxophones.

    Anyway, I was renting the house so I couldn't do much to secure it, but I went out and got a heavy duty bicycle lock to tie all of my instruments (saxophones, bass clarinet, bass, acoustic guitar, etc.) to a support beam. Not airtight security, but I figured it would at least deter the grab-and-dash type of theft (which is most theft). If somebody REALLY wants your stuff, they will find a way to get it no matter how you secure it, but in most cases it's just somebody looking to grab a bunch of pawnable stuff as quickly as possible, so they can make enough money to get their next fix. If they grab something and realize it's tied down, they're not going to sit there with a hacksaw, they're going to grab something else.

    Anyway, my 2 cents. Be glad that your girlfriend is ok and that you didn't lose much. There's still that creepy feeling of "someone was in my house." It's important to feel safe in your home, so do whatever you need to do to get that feeling back.

    Sorry again,

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    Re: Security Reminder

    A FYI for everyone who rents their place in the U.S.:

    Renters Insurance. You pay a certain $ amount per month, maybe $1200 - $1800 per year (?) and that will get you about 30 grand worth of insurance. Seeing as though your landlord's policy is not covering jack, unless the lease says so.

    EW - glad to hear no one got hurt, and that the loss was less than significant. Hopefully they won't come back.


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    Re: Security Reminder

    That sucks Ern. Glad you and your girl are fine though. I'd be more worried about the people I love and the intelectual property I have than the gear or possessions.

    I have my studio in a spare bedroom. Hard to miss when you go upstairs. All in all, I have over $60,000 tied up in my studio (not including $15,000 for my live set up - hey! no wonder I have no money in the bank )and therefore spend around $1800 a year insuring it. There aren't many insurance companies that will tkae the policy, unfortunately

    Just make sure you get replacement value coverage. And read the fine print carefully. They have ways of making it worthless when it comes to paying out. With mine, I tell them what I want paid out for each item and pay a premium based on the overall worth. About $3 per $100 of gear.

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    Re: Security Reminder

    Thanks for the heads up and sorry you got hit.
    I'm glad it was as minor as it was ... financially.

    I hope you both feel ok or will as soon as possible. :-)

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    Re: Security Reminder


    Although I am so very sorry to hear about the break in, thank goodness no one was hurt. Property can be replaced - people cannot.

    I was robbed by an employee when I had my previous reocrding studio. He worked for me for months and then one day I came back and anything not bolted down was gone.

    What a lesson!


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    Re: Security Reminder

    Car insurance ,home insurance, health insurance, life insurance,...Studio insurance.!!!

    It's insane!

    I recently cut down much of my studio insurance stuff...

    I'm literally paying hundreds of dollars per month.!

    I know it's necessary... sadly, I can't afford to be protected.

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    Re: Security Reminder

    Renter's insurance is dirt cheap, especially if you go thru your car insurance company. No excuse for not having it. I have $25K of replacement value for about $100/yr.

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