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Topic: New NOTION Music software forum

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    Thumbs up New NOTION Music software forum

    Hello all we are delighted to welcome VirtuosoWorks, Inc, famous for their world-renowned Composition and Performance Software "NOTION". We are sure the NS community will greatly benefit from their presence. All issues regarding notation and the integration of their software will be explored. We encourage all users to utilize this resource. Input is what fuels progress!


    masimon & dburnett

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    Re: New NOTION Music software forum

    Really really happy that NOTION has got a forum on here. Bravo!

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    Re: New NOTION Music software forum

    I have been using the free demo version for about two months it is very simple and easy to use. Very fast notating a compositions. The sound quality of the London Symphony samples is excellent. For the person who just wants to write music and not have to learn the technical side of software this is the one. I've just recently purchased Finale 2007 and love it, but Notions would have been an excellent choice as well. I'm still considering it. BROVO Notions.

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