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Topic: The Dan Kury Tutorial

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    The Dan Kury Tutorial

    One thing, Dan Kury wrote the Audio Mixing Tutorial. Most of it I already knew (I have Bob Katz' fine book on Audio Mastering and some other nice tutorials) but what I couldn't achieve was using the pitch bend (he uses in one of the examples). I "programmed" the pianokeyboard, even tried to add it with the mouse in Sonar, but the result was "nada" . Somehow I made a mistake, but which one?

    It is rather a nice tutorial among the others I have. Anyway I have this printed for further reference.


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    Re: The Dan Kury Tutorial

    Hi Raymond,
    I am not sure what you meant when you said "programmed the keyboard".

    I think you tried using the pitch bend wheel on the keyboard to record these pitch bends into the midi track. If that is what you meant, it is nearly impossible to get the exact "bending" that you need for realistic and tastefull portamento. This pitch data really needs to be drawn in with the mouse as you metioned.

    Thank you for the nice words about the tutorial, if I can help you any further let me know.

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    Re: The Dan Kury Tutorial

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    This pitch data really needs to be drawn in with the mouse as you metioned.
    The keyboard I have can be programmed to set controls to the both wheels.
    So I added for the mod wheel CC#1 and for the pitch bend the other wheel at the factory settings "ptb" telling the keyboard that it is assigned as pitchbender.

    Now I have to find out how to draw it with a mouse in Sonar.


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    Re: The Dan Kury Tutorial

    cool, let me know how it goes...

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