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Topic: Gpo + Cme Uf6

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    Gpo + Cme Uf6

    Is anyone using GPO with a CME midi controller? The problem I'm having is even though I can change the instruments in the virtual rack by increasing or decreasing the program number on the keyboard and the changes are reflected on the GPO interface, only the first instrument plays. Is there some trick to completely syncing the keyboard with the software so the correct instrument plays?

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    Re: Gpo + Cme Uf6

    How about playing the correct channel?

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    Re: Gpo + Cme Uf6

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie Fønshauge
    How about playing the correct channel?
    Yes, that was it, but in Cubase. The default midi channel is 1, which works fine with my other plugins. It needs to be Any for GPO. Thanks much.

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