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Topic: UF8 vs KeyStationPro88

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    UF8 vs KeyStationPro88

    I've been reading a lot of comments around those controllers... Let's start a poll here: CME's UF8 (471 EUR) or M-Audio's KeystationPro 88 (449 EUR)?

    The main issue is the built-in quality of the keyboard.

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    Re: UF8 vs KeyStationPro88

    well, one vote here for the UF8-- honestly, it's not even very close, i immediately did not like the feel of the m-audio keyboard-anyone who is looking for a realistic piano feel probably will not be satisfied by the keystation--I'm sure it does fine, however, for what it is-- the UF8, on the other hand, is a real instrument, and i am extremely happy with my purchase even 8 months later--
    my advice to u , however, is to go try them out for yourself if that is possible--it's really the only way for u to know what u like-- (maybe if what u r used to is a keyboard feel u might actually prefer the feel of the m-audio)

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    Re: UF8 vs KeyStationPro88

    I just picked up the UF6 and it's semi-weighted keyboard also has a nice feel to it. It's quite a step up as far as features and keyboard quality from the Radium 61. I found it works best using MIDI out and not the USB connection, at least with a Mac and stand alone instruments.

    I played the Keystation Pro 88 at the music store when they first came out and didn't care for the action. I have a Yamaha CLP-555 for realistic piano action.

    The CME controllers are pretty heavy so invest in a sturdy, stable stand for them. The music store's UF8 stand collapsed while I was there.

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