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Topic: problems with installation from stylus

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    problems with installation from stylus


    i have big problems with the installation from stylus rmx. so i installed the plugin like the installation guide on the discs.
    now when i load the stylus in my cubase i got a caution: SAGE folder not found. Would you like to locate it?
    then i selected the SAGE file but i get allways the same caution - massage.

    and how can i uninstall the plugin?

    what can i do? please help me.

    nice greetz from germany!

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    Re: problems with installation from stylus

    I would suggest contacting Spectrasonics Technical Support:

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    Re: problems with installation from stylus

    This is a common error people make when they 1st install Stylus RMX.

    If you install the SAGE folder in a different directory or hard drive than the actual program, you need to make a shortcut to it (this assumes windows xp or the like).

    I assume you copied all the data from the 2 DVDs in the SAGE folders.

    Once that is done, locate the SAGE folder with all the data and copy the SAGE folde. Then go to c:\program files\spectrasonics (or whereever you installed the actual program) and then right click and PASTE SHORTCUT. This should put a SAGE folder shortcut there.

    Now you should be able to run the program with no problems.


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